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Red Lipstick is the Push Up Bra of Makeup

While perusing the net today and watching videos of pandas sneezing and kittens being tickled working diligently, I stopped by R29 and came across an article on red lipstick.

As they mention, we women tend to reach for it because we like it. Sometimes a red lipstick is empowering and pulls a look together or adds a pop of color that creates and instant chic factor. I rarely take into consideration what an average man’s opinion on makeup is. However, according to studies…

Scientists at the University of Manchester found that red lipstick draws attention to the mouth, most notably from the opposite sex. In their study, they tracked the eye movements of 50 men who were viewing different images of women and found that men spent longer fixating on the women wearing red lipstick.

[Via Daily Mail]

Well, duh. But are we subconsciously (or consciously) wearing red lipstick just to attract a mate? Men were given pictures of women to look at and the ladies in red nabbed an average of 7.3 seconds of a man’s attention. Pink lips came in second with 6.7 seconds and no lipstick at all only held the eye for 2.2 seconds. (Meanwhile, a football game can hold a guy’s attention for 3 hours and he will remember who ran the ball for a touchdown along with the exact yardage he ran for the rest of his life, but my birthday is a mystery.)

The French added their findings in a study using waitresses. Red lipped servers were tipped 50% of the time while the rest were only tipped 30% of the time. The male patrons explained that they were more generous with tips because the where attracted to the waitress. Basically, red lipsticks have been deemed the sexiest of shades.

I’m not a scientist nor have I conducted studies, but I find a converse opinion from some of my male friends. Some complain that they are less like to pursue a woman in red because the feel intimidated. Others feared the lipstick would be messy and rub off on them if they kissed a woman wearing the bold hue.

I thought about it and considered how often I wear red. It’s about as often as I wear a push up bra. Personally, I wear it to feel good about myself.

When and why do you wear red lipstick?

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red lipsticks are so great on women – really makes their face pop


whats the color for no bra?

Love that title, very clever!

I love red lipstick but don’t wear it a lot. It takes confidence to walk out with a bold red lip.

My go to shade, all the time.


I don’t look good in red.


I’m not a lipstick girl- but I’ve been wanting a shade of red for a long time! I just don’t know how to wear it or where to wear it.


Red can look gorgeous, must get one!

I think you have to have good lips to pull off red lipstick…. if you have small lips it just doesn’t work!


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