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Rodarte for MAC stirs up some controversy

When I first heard that my favorite cosmetics brand and one of my favorite design teams were teaming up to launch a Rodarte for MAC capsule collection, I was thoroughly excited. When I realized what the collection was based on, my excitement waned a bit.

Rodarte for MAC, much like Rodarte’s most recent clothing collection, is based on the women of the border town of Juarez, Mexico. For those who aren’t aware of the situation in Juarez, it’s a manufacturing center that plays host to an egregious amount of poverty and, in particular, violence against women. To have MAC and Rodarte theme a makeup collection on such disgusting violence without doing anything to simultaneously speak out against it seemed insensitive at best, and at worst, totally tone-deaf and cruel.

Luckily the intrepid bloggers over at Temptalia were able to get MAC and Rodarte’s reactions to the widespread criticism over the Juarez-themed collection, which included promising $100,000 in aid to the women of Juarez. Is it too little, too late? Perhaps. The whole idea of makeup based on beaten women still turns my stomach.

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I feel that the $100,000 is to little far to late. They started this campaign nearly a year ago. It takes a long time to bring an idea for a campaign to life, to get it to the table then to get it to the stores…no one along the way spoke up? If they did, did they not think about how outraged it would make their customers? A $100,000 is nothing when you consider how much the Lauder Co. brings in in a year with all the company holdings they have! I could start down the list but we’d be here all day, but let’s just say that you’d be amazed. So to offer up $100,000 is insulting. While I understand that it’s not reasonable for them to be able to do more (such as be able to change what is going on down in Mexico), I would expect them to at least recognize the error of what they’ve done and pull the campaign altogether and not release it period. Take a bath on it and move on.

After all, look at the print ad that you’ve included in this post…she looks like a wraith, her head looks like a skull if you will. That alone is off putting enough.

I don’t know about you but my respect for M-A-C has gone completely down the tubes and I will never buy another product from them again. I’ll be holding my cosmetic and perfume dollars from the Lauder Co. and choosing to spend it with companies like Chanel and Dior.

It’s no great sense of being an American when an American owned company acts like this.

Such a bad idea, did no one speak up during the many product launch meetings? Ugh.

[...] As we told you recently, MAC and Rodarte have been under fire recently for their upcoming collaboration inspired by the women of Juarez, Mexico. Juarez is a border town whose economy thrives on manufacturing, and it’s also notorious for its high levels of abuse toward and violence against women. [...]

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