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Salma Hayek’s Secret to an Hourglass Figure

While on her press tour, Salma Hayek revealed her secret to a tiny waist while on ‘Live with Kelly and Michael.’

Even better, it doesn’t involve thousands of situps or never eating sugar again.

Kelly praised Hayek’s gorgeous and comfortable Bottega Veneta wide-leg jersey jumpsuit, but the highlight was the star’s tiny waist. Salma smiled and stated she had a secret to accentuate her figure…

“Here’s the trick, you wear shoulder pads. This,” she said grabbing her waist, “will look smaller because this will look bigger,” she finished as she poked at her shoulder pads. Michael agreed stating his football pads always helped him appear more trim.

I love this tip, but I beg you not to get carried away. The ‘Golden Girls’ were famous for their shoulder pads, but they can also make your top half look bulky. Less is more when it comes to adding a pad.

If you are looking to define your waist, you can also try some of these tricks.

Get a Good Bra – Lift your girls up to where they are supposed to be! It will help show your long, lean torso.

Panels – Go for something with a black or navy panel on the sides. The colors are natural slimming illusion, but don’t deck yourself in all black. It’s boring and depressing. Creating shape with color blocking is in trend and it’s an easy look.

Just Another Excuse to Buy Heels – High heels always makes you look thinner.

Go All the Way – If you are going to wear some form of Spanx, go for something very high waisted. This will help prevent muffing top and slim your entire torso.



a good belt helps too


I’d never thought of that trick before. Probably wouldn’t look that great on someone who already has big shoulders though.

genes helped along with plastic surgery

I remember when shoulder pads use to be the rage…

What a great tip, I will try it = thanks…


The waist belt really does show her figure off!


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