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Secrets To A Perfect Blowout

Secrets To A Perfect Blowout

With the right products, hairbrush and time, you can blowout your hair at home so that it looks like you just walked out of the salon.

A good blowout can last several days. Once you learn how to do it the right way and you take your time, you should be able to keep the look for several days.

Find the best hair dryer

A trustworthy tool makes all the difference. Be sure to do your research and invest in a hair dryer with a positive rep to avoid damage at all costs.

Don’t style wet hair

Make sure your mane is 75% dry before styling to avoid the not-so-chic effects of frizz. To expedite the drying process, comb hair with a vented brush.

Divide hair into sections

For sleek and shiny results, divide your tresses into sections and dry at a downward angle using a round brush.

Hold it together

Seal the deal with your favorite holding spray to assure your masterpiece will stay fresh and voluminous all day.

Make it last

Extend the life of your blowout by freshening up your roots with a dry shampoo. Not only will this trusty product buy you time between washes, you’re bound to get a little volume out of it, too!

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Blowouts are the best. I just got one last week.


I HATE drying my hair. As soon as I get skinny again (if) I am going for the pixie crop.

I have the WORST hair dryer. It has been on my vanity since I was in college.

Great tips I always find a good hair dryer is the key.


I haven’t had a blowout yet, but the results look good!

I’ve tried to freshen my look with dry shampoo but they all have a white color to them, making me look even more grey!


There is nothing better than a good blowout and great dry shampoo. Nothing beats One More Day by Philip Kingsley.


Blowouts are awesome. I need to get myself a better hair dryer.


I love this look but I would be bad at doing it myself , great tips!

At least now I know what I have been doing wrong, I am gong to try this out.


I like the dry shampoo idea, wouldn’t have thought of that.

Her hair looks so beautiful! Going to try this out!


I need to master this, my hair is such a mess.


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