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Skincare – Reduce Large Pores

Keeping Skin Fresh

Remember hearing that splashing cold water on your face will reduce pores? Turns out they were lying. One’s pores don’t open and close like the mouth of a guppy.

We all have pores, but those of us with oily or combination skin end up having more obvious pores.

You can’t shrink your pores, but you can diminish the signs of them by keeping them clean of bacteria and debris and filling them in with primer.

Foundation Primer

Primers fill in the small cracks and holes on the surface of skin creating a smooth surface for your foundation or tinted moisturizer to glide over.

Salicylic Acid Cleansers

Salicylic acid is great for acne-prone skin because it works by dissolving the dead skin cells that collect in pores. But even if you don’t suffer from breakouts, a good salicylic acid cleanser will keep your pores cleaner and therefore, less obvious.

Prescription Retinoid Creams

I have been a fan of retinoids (such as Retin-A and Renova). They work by naturally exfoliating the skin and increasing cell production, both of which inevitably minimizes the appearance of pores.

The problem is, the best retinoids come in prescription form and that can be expensive (around $150). Your insurance won’t cover it and doctors may not be up for writing the script. You can buy them over-the-counter in other countries for about $25.

Chemical Peel

A good facial will cleanse your pores, which, if you’ve read this far, you know will make them appear smaller. Opt for a chemical peel and extractions. Both are miracle workers for clogged and obvious pores.

Don’t Pick!

When your pores are clogged, there is nothing harder to fight off than the desire to pick and poke and prod. Just don’t!

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Great tips I need to add a few of these to my routine.

Thank you for the tips, we can all use these to look better


Great tips, need to get a new primer, sounds like it helps.


Great ideas! I need to try these for sure.


I like the sound of those acid cleansers, will have to try one.


I would actually try a chemical peel, might be good..


I did a mild chemical peel (no lasers or anything like that). My skin did def look better.


Retinol is a miracle cream. I use an OTC one. It’s not as strong as prescription but i swear it helps


I have never heard of Salicylic acid – am TOTES ordering some now! Thanks chicka!


Would love to try a face mask to reduce pores!

There are really good ideas, I need to use them.


It really works, will someone let me know?


My skin needs a little TLC right now.


I get such large pores.


Very good tips, would love to reduce and unclog my pores!


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