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Smell Good In Summer Heat

I have missed the sun and warm weather. The heat is finally starting to climb into tank top temperatures. Ah, the honeymoon period of spring is wonderful, but the summer means sweat. Unfortunately, we can’t live in the pool and we are going to have heat that hits you like opening a preheated oven door.

Anything over 75 degrees causes me to start perspiring instantly. It’s not sexy, but there are tips to smell sexy despite the heat index.

The warm weather will actually cause perfumes to have a moment of high potency, which can be a turn off. The humidity and sweat combo can then cause your favorite scent to evaporate quickly. So how do we smell good and stay that way? Your hair.

There is less interaction with your body chemistry when it comes to hair. Your tresses naturally hold scents longer than your body. The notes in your perfume also stay true longer when on your hair.

The Beauty Stop recently reviewed Mane Teeze’s Hair Perfume and it passed with flying colors. Check that out here

There are also several other options – Marchesa’s Parfum D’Etase Hair Mist has a soft romantic smell. Oribe Cote d’Azur Hair Refresher is a clean and fresh scent that is formulated to combat odors.

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