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Styles Men HATE

Yes, Valentine’s Day is just a week away and the topic of men is on the back of women’s minds. Dates are being booked, flowers bought and perfect outfits picked out.

That is where the curiosity of men’s opinions on beauty blossomed. We spend hours in the bathroom creating looks and even more time scouring magazines for ideas. I’d like to think that we do it for ourselves, but let’s face it…a decent part of it is to impress others.

After asking my male friends, digging around some surveys and polling some honest souls, I have a list a styles that men hate.


*Edgy Shag – After explaining that the term wasn’t something sexual in nature, most men responded to a picture of Kristen Stewart’s edgy cut with thumbs down. The words “dirty” and “oily” were used along with the comment, “She looks like she doesn’t care about her appearance and wants to be left alone. I would not approach her. I don’t know why, but it just looks like she has some issues.”

*Heavy Fringe – Men were more intimidated by women with heavy bangs that brushed their brows. The words “old” and “unapproachable” were thrown at this look along with the general concession that the fringe “makes her look like she is hiding.”


*Heavy Application – More men responded negatively to this than other style in any other category. The word “yuck” was a common response along with the summarization – “When a woman has too much makeup on it is obvious she is either extremely self conscious, high maintenance or a combination of both. Either way, I’ll pass every time.

*Thick Smokey Eyes – This goes with the application no-no, but I was surprised that men were more turned off by a heavy eyeshadow than a bolder lip. The words “trying to hard” were associated with look and one man explained that, “If I can’t see the natural beauty of your eyes through a mess of makeup…that is a huge turnoff.”


*Too Revealing – Men like to look. Men will look when given an opportunity. I was surprised to find that they rather use their imagination that actually see the goods right away. One guy summed it up like this: “I want a little mystery to keep my interest piqued. If you show off everything for everyone to see it just comes off desperate and easy. I want a woman who will make me work for it. It says to me that she will be worth the time and effort.” The general tip was to just feature one asset at a time. If you are revealing lots of leg, then keep everything else downplayed.

*Crazy Pants – There is nothing like a good pair of plain jeans. Harem pants and high waist jeans were two of the top offending pants. “If a woman can fill out a pair of jeans then she doesn’t need anything crazy. She will get noticed. Trust me.”

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