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Styles That Will Age You

It seems to be the universe’s cruel joke that as misguided youth we were always trying to look older. I wished my childhood away so I could ride the big kid rides, drive and then legally drink adult beverages. Now, I watch my kids with envy as their youth enables them to eat ice cream without gaining 10 pounds, play until they crash and even indulge in nap time.

Now, we spend thousands on ways to look younger. Creams, lotions, makeup and even surgical procedures have us all pining for the bygone days of wrinkle free skin and trendy little tops. The answer might be as easy as changing a few minor details that will make a big difference.

The Culprit: Mom Jeans

Ah, yes. The hunt for denim that doesn’t creep past your belly button while still managing not to expose your assets every time you bend over is a war. I have fought battles in dressing rooms that left me crying in corner. Try Zafu to find a fit before you take on a mountain of demin.

AVOID: Light wash denims, anything too baggy, if it has any form of glitter or sparkles – put it back immediately, rises that eclipse your belly button.

The Culprit: Bra

Remember that episode of Oprah that had boob barbarians holstering the audience into bras? They weren’t playing. Over time in the best bras stretch and lose support. You should be tossing out oldies and replenishing at least once a year. There was a myth that sleeping in your bra would also help keep your girls perky. That is false. What keeps your boobs in an upright position are ligaments. They thin and stretch over time. Staying in shape will help, but wearing a bra 24/4 won’t help. In fact, in can trap sweat an cause nasty rashes.

AVOID: Anything that doesn’t fit properly. Splurge on getting fitted and then go from there.

The Culprit: Dark Lipstick

This one doesn’t surprise me. In my effort to look old enough to sneak to order a drink (Editor’s Note: This is a terrible practice and I strongly discourage breaking any laws. Bad Camilla!) I always opted for darker lipstick. As you age, you lose the fullness of your lips. Darker hues will make your lips look thinner.

AVOID: The obvious, but if you are going to go for a dark shade stick to brighter tones.

The Culprit: Bright Blush

Sometimes when we go for a dewy look, it can come off as a bright pink Barbie look. It screams fake and instead of restoring a natural glow it comes off as way too harsh. Stick with creamy nudes for a more youthful sheen.

AVOID: Powders that look like belong in a Lisa Frank collection.

The Culprit: Body Glitter or Crazy Hair Hues

Unless you are a entertainer (i.e. Katy Perry), 12 or a stripper stay away from body glitter. When I see a woman dousing herself in boob glitter I think of cougars desperately trying to be in trend with their daughters. It’s just sad and men find it to be a turnoff. (Click HERE to see more survey results on Styles Men Hate…) “Men fantasize about cougars because the idea of class and experience is hot. You might as well hang a hazard sign on a woman who looks like she is trying to be 16 again. It just screams ‘ISSUES’ and that is not something guys want to deal with.

AVOID: Lets put it this way…If Miley Cyrus would rock it – you should not.

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