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Summer Skin – Keep Your Glow Longer

· Replace Moisturizer with Toner: For Very Oily Skin use Kinara Dry Skin Toner, instead of your moisturizer. That is especially helpful if you are vacationing in tropical climates as the toner is super healing and was formulated with that in mind.

· Lock in Your Nighttime Routine: Your nighttime skin care routine is super important during the summer. Make sure your face is thoroughly washed and cleansed and every speck of sunblock is removed before applying nighttime products.

· Don’t Use A Friend’s Routine: Or any other skin care product for that matter. Their skin care routine might not be good for you and summer time is when we see the most acneic conditions caused by sunblock.

· Exfoliate. It is a widely held misconception that you will keep your tan longer if you don’t exfoliate. If you have any tan it is in the second layer of your skin, so by exfoliating your skin on a weekly basis, you will keep your tan longer and it will look healthier.

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I always forget to exfoliate. Good tip, I though it would get rid of my tan.

My girlfriend exfoliates all the time, no wonder she has such a great tan.


Better than a greasy glow!


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