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Taylor Swift’s Best Makeup Tips

Taylor Swift seems to be the Karate Kid of the cat eye. Her look seems so effortless and easy, but when your shaky hand tries to recreate the look; it’s not as easy as wax on, wax off.

Swift has shared her secret to her favorite cat eye look. The ‘Love Story’ singer also shared some makeup tips that might help you score the same youthful looks thanks to her chat with Keds…

Angle It Right – “I like the cat eyeliner a lot,” Taylor confesses. “It’s all about getting the right angle and my one tip for how to do it right is to take the angle and direction your bottom lash line is going and follow that angle up. If I’m drawing a really fine line, I like liquid eyeliner pens.” She continues with a key point stating, “You have to get really close to your lash line.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Mistake – “You have to mess it up a few times to get it right. I’ve had a lot of failed make-up looks that I would try in school before I learned how to do the line right!” Don’t be afraid if it takes time to master. She warns that you will mess up, but you have to keep trying. “Sometimes I get it wrong still!”

Don’t Over-Think It – “I just love red lips. I like lip stain instead of lipstick. In my everyday life, I just do a lip stain, and if you get a good one… you don’t really need a liner.” That doesn’t mean she doesn’t go deeper for some events. “My make-up artist does about four different things… She’s really detail oriented.”

Don’t Tug or Stretch – “Don’t pull the outer eye as you apply liner. “No! I don’t do that because then you cannot follow the angle right.” She has learned by experience. “I used to try and do that.”


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