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The BB Cream For Your Body

Jergens BB Body

Jergens BB cream for your body!

It’s not exactly a self-tanner, but it does contain DHA for that natural faux glow (without the funky smell).

At first, I wasn’t sure this BB measured up to my beloved self-tanning tube but now, I prefer it! And here’s why: You can actually see the tinted lotion as you apply it.

Used daily, this tinted body moisturizer gradually perfects skin over five days of use using self-adjusting tone technology. The formula hydrates dry, scaly skin (my legs have never looked better), brightens and illuminates, evens out skin tone, firms, and minimizes the appearance of imperfections.

Seriously, it’s the best drugstore BB cream for your body and I highly recommend it.

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream, $12.99

Disclosure: The Beauty Stop was sent a sample of this product for our review. We were not compensated for the post and the opinions expressed herein are that of the author alone.

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This sounds like it would just give a nice flawless glow all over.


I would love to try this. I have heard of it!


I love their products, will have to give this a go.

Sounds great, I really need to give it a try!


A great idea I could use this, my skin is so pale~


I love the glow. It looks like it would be good for the skin.

This sounds like it would help my all over look. How great for summer


I am definitely going to get me some of this~!


I bought myself some of this and love it!


OK so I honestly thought this would be pricy but at 12.99 I have to give it a go.


Are these your legs in the pic, Janelle? Because I have leg envy!


BB cream is the new big thing for the face too, right? I am on it, I look about 80 right now.


What an interesting idea, would love to try it.


A subtle way to add a little gloss to legs before going out this summer, love it!


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