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The Olsen Twins Are Selling a $55,000 Backpack Covered In Prescription Pills For Decoration

Go back and read that title.  I’ll wait. (Sips tea…)

You read that correctly; now take a look at the completely horrible backpack being offered for $55,000 by The Olsen Twins’ fashion line, The Row.


Damien Hirst / The Row – Multicolored Perscription Pills

Just how much more offensive could these little snots ( “+ Damien Hirst”) possibly be?  The backpack itself is crocodile skin.  Crocodile.  Got it.  We also have the  scatter of prescription pills adorning the croc skinned bag.

via Just One Eye:

“Just One Eye is pleased to announce an exciting new project with renowned artist Damien Hirst and 2012 CFDA award winners The Row - the first in a series of curated artistic partnerships.

The resulting project is a fascinating study in contrasts; the classic elegance of The Row’s black patent, Nile crocodile leather backpack, adorned by the rebellious hand of Hirst.

Created in a limited edition of 12 and with a portion of each sale to benefit UNICEF, these works blur the line between high art and high fashion. Signed by the artist, each backpack features uniquely individual embellishments, from an assortment of prescription pills, to Hirst’s signature spots.

“We are thrilled to be part of this project with Just One Eye”, add Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, “their unique approach on artistic collaborations is always inspirational”.


The Clueless Twins

How precious.  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are “thrilled” to be a part of this incredibly tasteless endeavor.  Notice how we aren’t given the exact “portion” of  each sale that is earmarked for UNICEF?

I just love (read: loathe) how these two find ironic and edgy artistry in using PILLS as an embellishment.  I’m surprised they didn’t name this monstrosity “The Heath”.



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