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Tom Ford Debuts 16 Color Nail Set, Exclusively At Neiman Marcus

There are days where I wish I could post a video of my reaction to finding out about something amazing.  Today is one of those days.  I did a real, live spit-take (half on my laptop screen, the rest on the new rug on the new flooring!).  Thank goodness is was only water, I guess.

Leave it to Tom Ford to make me choke and spit again. (Mind out of the gutters, people. I’m not his type.)  Take a good, hard look at this:


Tom Ford’s Exclusive 16 Color Nail Set – Neiman Marcus Only – $480


Tom Ford Beauty

Exclusive 16 Color Nail Set

Tom Ford Beauty debuts a wardrobe of high-performance polishes, offering mega-watt shine, while staying true to color. Give the ultimate gift with the complete collection of 16 Tom Ford Nail Lacquers presented in an elegant Tom Ford box. The extra-amplified gloss and shine nail lacquer—in a wardrobe of shades, from alluring brights to chic neutrals—lets you express your mood and complete your look.

Nail Lacquers Included:


Toasted Sugar

Mink Brulee

Pink Crush

Indian Pink

Fever Pink

African Violet

Plum Noir


Ginger Fire

Coral Blame

Scarlet Chinois

Smoke Red

Bordeaux Lust

Carnal Red

Bitter Bitch

About Tom Ford Beauty:


After gaining international fame turning Gucci into an icon of sexy, modern fashion, American designer Tom Ford introduced Tom Ford Beauty. The captivating collection includes heady fragrances and rich, intensely hued cosmetics.

Yeah.  I know.  This totally falls into the category of “Someone Is Out of Their Bloody Mind” if they purchase 16 bottles of nail polish for $480. Having said that, I would be THRILLED out of my bloody mind if I opened this box at Christmas.  Tell me I’m not the only one?

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