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Top 5 Drugstore Shampoos

5. Suave Professionals Volumizing Shampoo – This wonder is usually less than $4 and I often score it for around a buck by stacking sales with coupons. PROS: Builds a decent amount of volume, no residue, feels very clean

4. Head & Shoulders – I am fortunate enough to have a dandruff issue, but when you get a freebie, you don’t complain. I was actually surprised by this one. I was prepared for a chemical smell, but this scent is actually very nice. It also provided a great shine. PROS: Moisturizes, great shine, nice smell

3. Tresemmé Split Remedy Split End Shampoo РShort or long, I have a huge problem with split ends. I feel like this is a no-frills shampoo, but it works miracles. Sometimes, simplicity is the best option. PROS: Great damage control, nice smell

2. Aveeno Nourish + Volumize Shampoo – I really loved this one! I find that for my thin hair anything that “nourishes” ends up being heavy or leaves and residue. Aveeno managed to get it right with this formula. PROS: Clean and healthy feeling that is hard to come by

1. John Frieda Full Repair Body Shampoo – Lets face it, especially in the summer, we need to show our hair some serious TLC. This shampoo is like an apology and peace offering for the salt water, ponytails and hair lightening. PROS: Worth every penny, covers all the hair damage issues

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Head and Shoulders the 2-in-1 is a really good one too. I also like Clear Scalp Therapy, the volumizing.

Have not tried John Frieda but I will ! Thanks for the tip!

I find Head and Shoulders A Little too strong for my hair. But I will try John Frieda !

is there any other kind of shampoo than drug store?


I am a big John Freida fan, always does a good job!


I love anything Aveeno!

Aveeno is my favorite, I absolutely love how it makes my hair feel.

Anything that can make my split ends looks better, add volume, AND not cost an arm and a leg is tops in my book.

I love Aveeno that and Umberto Beverly Hills are my two favorite drugstore brands.


My daughter would love the Clear Scalp Therapy.

oh, I also like the Head & Shoulders for the shine.

I love Aveeno! My favorite store brand!


Hi Jody,

Yes, there are several brands that sell through salons and companies like Ulta exclusively. I have found that Suave is making a lot of knock-offs of these that work equally well.


Suave is pretty good too.


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