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Tricks to Smell Great No Matter What

I started a love affair with my gym about 3 years ago. I got and I work. Really work. While some meander around chatting and texting in their cute workout bras, which I think are purely ornamental, I am dripping sweat in an old t-shirt and sweat pants. I smell like some sort of farm animal when I am done.

I have tried every perfume under the sun to try and battle the stink. My friend, who is a new mother, also finds that her favorite scent can’t match the stank of a stinky diaper or oatmeal decomposing on her shirt. I had to find a way to smell, at the very least, tolerable throughout the day.

Don’t drench yourself in body splashes. This one of those exceptions to the rule that you can’t have too much of a good thing. Dab your favorite clean scent on your pulse points. Start with a spray on your wrists and neck. Next spritz a light dusting over your hairbrush and then comb through your hair.

Keep your paws clean. Suds up with a moisturizing/antibacterial hand wash. Germs can cause illness and funny smells.

Your deodorant may claim it will last for 24 hours, but always apply another coat before a workout. Always!
Go for clean, single note scents.

Musks and floral scents can mix with your smell to create a hybrid of an even more offensive smell. A simple and affordable spray kept in your purse, diaper bag or gym bag will be a lifesaver. Hey, spit-up happens!

The powers of baking soda and baby powder are amazing. If you are a sweaty beast, like myself, baking soda on your pits will work a miracle. You can also rub some on your hands after chopping foods that leave a lingering odor – I love you garlic, but you smell so bad! Same thing with baby powder. In a pinch, raid your baby bag to fresh up.

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