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Valentine’s Day Beauty Gift Ideas: Rose Infused Wonders

Instead of spending an entire day’s paycheck on a dozen roses that will die in a week and end up as compost, here are some rose infused beauty wonders that will amp up your Valentine’s Day gift giving…

Even better, they will each cost less than the average cost of a dozen roses on the most romantic holiday of them all.

● Shea Terra Rose Hips Rose Regeneration Face Crème ($26): Achieve silky-soft, smooth skin with this luscious crème formula that harnesses the power of rose hip oil to plump up aging skin.

A unique combination of trans-retinoic acid and essential fatty acids repairs skin cells and replenishes the vital lipids needed to restore dry, tired skin. Moroccan rose water helps tone and hydrate for beautiful results.

● Om Aroma & Co. Jeux d’Eau Organic Toner Rose ($32): Spritz on this refreshing, alcohol-free mist prior to makeup application to help skin absorb products more effectively.

The invigorating formula is enriched with organic floral waters and essential oils, which soothe not only the skin but the senses as well. Potent rose extract visibly minimizes the appearance of wrinkles for a more fresh-faced look.

● 21 Drops – 06 Passion ($29): Free yourself of inhibition with this 100% natural essential oil blend. Rose, jasmine, and sandalwood ignite passion within you, boosting your sensuality and diminishing your fears.

● Lotus Wei Infinite Love Perfume ($45): Get in the mood with this love potion featuring an intoxicating blend of flowers and gems to make you feel at your most seductive. This rose mandarin and honey scented perfume is enriched with Hong Kong orchid, wild fireweed, orange hawkweed, pink lotus and pink tourmaline.

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