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Vault Lip Gloss Review

I am always on the hunt for a moisturizing lip color that fits my picky requirements. For me, life is a marathon of meetings, deadlines, school projects, gym dates, taking my kids to and from school, shopping, dinner and everything else that life throws my way. Like most people, I sometimes wonder if the beauty industry understands that or not. Julia Carroll does.

She and Craig Carroll created a line that is conscious of a woman’s needs beyond great color, moisture and long lasting benefits. Vault has answered the call of practicality. The newly founded company has crafted a line of lip balms that are a packing dream. If you have one free hand, you can open, apply and close in one swift movement. We no longer have to make the choice between style or substance. This has both!

Vault’s One Touch Lip Care Lip Gloss comes in a dispenser that would make James Bond proud. My darling sister and I marveled at the contraption that could pass for a fancy pen. It slides open to reveal a brush pen that easily paints on the gloss and then pops back into its storage compartment at your command.

The color is rich and long lasting. The formula is packed with jojoba oil and vitamin E. (Vault also offers a Tinted Lip Balm and Lip Balm Sport that I would love to try, but today we are focusing on the gloss.) We sampled the hue “Starlet” and the pearly color gave me a retro feel. I have such a pale complexion with red tones and felt it was too light for me, but my sister found the color to be much more complimentary.

The one downside to the gloss…the taste. I pride myself on honest reviews so I will admit that it is bad. The initial application leaves an unappealing flavor. However, we noted that the color and hydrating powers last, but the tang does fade.

The final rundown…

PRODUCT: Vault Lip Gloss in ‘Starlet’

PROS: The packing is AMAZING
Long lasting color and hydrations
No need for multiple reapplications
Color is vibrant without being overbearing
Feels moisturizing without being too heavy or sticky

CONS: Taste


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