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Vinylux Manicure: Long Lasting Mani Without the Lamps

A manicure that can last a week without chipping or losing its luster sounds like a gel manicure. The craze had women forking over extra cash for the longer lasting option that required a kit, lamps and patience.

It was a bit more time consuming, but it was the latest step in the progressing line of nail-wear that started with polishes moved to lacquers, shellac, gels and now Vinylux.

The new system, brought to life by CND, is a faster longer lasting option that requires no base coat and no lamps. It is promised to last a week and uses natural light to increase durability. So your mani is quicker, easier and lasts just as long.

The manicure starts with your typical process. Instead of base coat, two coats of color are applied and then a weekly top coat finishes the job. The polish actually strengthens as time progresses. You’d think you might need a magical elixir to remove the polish to switch shades or give your nails a break, but it swipes off just like your average polish.

The best part is that this can all be done at home and you won’t have to soak your fingers in acetone to remove the polish. Select salons are offering the mani, but I have found bottles of the polish on Amazon in the $4-$9 range if

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Color strengthening with time? I’ve got to see this!

[...] gel mani can last up to 14 days. The light hardening technique still beats the 7 day promise of the Vinylux mani, but there is a downside. The polish is hard to removed and requires a soak in acetone. The result [...]


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