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Wake Up Gorgeous

After faking a bright eyed and bushy tailed morning at the office, running errands, walking the dog, cooking dinner, picking oatmeal, peanut butter and the occasional Fruit Loop from my hair I have mere moments before I fall exhausted into bed. It’s no wonder I wake up looking like something you’d find under the bed.

To battle the not-so-sexy results of the tossing and turning during the night, focus on repair while you sleep. Use a dry oil to restore your hair’s natural luster. Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute has an offering that will be soaked up by your strands and leave your pillow stain free.

Your face can turn into a mess thanks to your skin’s natural temperature rise. The result can be a dry and dull canvas. Fight the sheets from robbing your skin of moisture with Origins’ Overnight Mask.

Eyes never lie, so prevent puff with Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate. This isn’t a one trick pony. The cream smooths, depuffs and tightens.

If you suffer from waking up to an oil slick on your mug, try a combination of cleansing and hydrating before bed. Your skin may be going into overdrive during the night to provide the vital oils it needs. If breakouts are usually a result, consider the fact that your pillow might be the issue. Click HERE to see if Your Pillow is Causing Your Breakouts…

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my face is dry in the morning, so i just get up to the bathroom and splash some water on it and leave for the day :) … of course brush my teeth and shower, too


Eyes never lie!!!! Truth

and go to sleep lovely

Great advice, thanks for posting.. I will be trying it out!


That sounds like a lot of work. LOL


Hate that dry skin feeling when you wake up!


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