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Web Snob: Lanvin for H&M, Kate Moss Topshop, Mid-Heel Pumps and More!


* Coquette celebrates the final mainline collection from Kate Moss Topshop.
* The Jet Set Girls can’t wait for the new Lanvin for H & M collection.
* StyleBakery asked their favorite bloggers to share their must-haves for fall.
* The Fashion Bomb compiled a handy guide to over 50 fashionable and chic warm winter coats.


* Find handbags for the trendy mom on Bag Bliss.
* Bag Snob loves the foldover clutch – there is so much wiggle room for extra stuff!
* Save over $100 on gorgeous J.Crew handbags – thanks to SHEfinds for the coupon code.
* Second City Style is thankful for the return of the mid-heel pump.
* Shopping and Info wants to buy this amazing leather bracelet with gold buckle from Fendi.
* The Shoe Goddess is very impressed with Yves Saint Laurent’s Resort Collection, especially these fabulous “Woodstock” Platform Sandals.


* Stiletto Jungle is sure the new Tom Ford Black Orchid Nail Polish — his first nail color — will be a holiday sell-out.
* Skin care expert, Renée Rouleau answers whether you need to use a serum at Beauty Snob.
* The Beauty Stop takes a look at the ombre hair color trend.


* Allie is Wired spills about the controversial song Gwyneth Paltrow will be singing on Glee.


* KRISTOPHER DUKES is going to Gerry Rippon House in Sydney Open 2010.

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