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What’s Hot: Sock Knot (VIDEO)

Hot hair trend alert: Sock Knot!

Big, full buns have been all over the runways and street fashions lately, but some of us aren’t lucky enough to have THAT much hair.

Don’t fret because that’s where the sock comes in:

Isn’t it easy?

The bigger the sock, the bigger the bun. You can go messy or you can go super chic. The options are endless!

Posted in: Beauty News


[...] The Beauty Stop has a video explanation of how to create the popular “sock knot” bun hairstyle. [...]

OMG THANK YOU for this tutorial! I have been looking for a way to get a nice big bun with my extra thin hair.
Thin-Haired gals UNITE!

[...] spotted, Allie is Wired‘s own Ashley Torres giving instructions on how to do a SOCK BUN and Jennifer Lopez at the Academy Awards with her hair piled up [...]

[...] back, our darling Ashley posted about the “sock bun“–and I was hooked! I have a crap-ton of hair and this summer has been pretty horrid [...]


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