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When Only the Best Nail Polish Will Do…

When Only the Best Nail Polish Will Do...

Nail color can be a key accessory. Whether you get your nails done at a beauty salon or DIY them at home, the key to the ideal mani/pedi is polish, polish, polish.

Whether you can afford these designers’ bags or not, their nail polish is an attainable luxury that many women have come to love. Here are five designer brands known for their fabulous polishes:

1. Chanel Nail Polish, $27
Coco Chanel loved romance, and her nail polishes are perfect for the girl who wants to get someone’s attention. From rich, bold reds and pinks to fashion-forward colors (think navy blue, satin black, and fun pastels, too), Chanel is constantly mixing up its nail color collection with shades that become instant bestsellers.

2. Tom Ford Nail Polish, $32
This nail polish brand is one of the most expensive, not to mention one of the most sought-after. Coincidence? Maybe. But this is one pricy product that’s actually worth it. Designer Tom Ford’s edgy, high style aesthetic can easily be seen in his sleek, geometric nail polish bottles. If these pretty containers weren’t enough to make you feel luxurious, the names of the colors (like “Trophy Wife” and “Shameless”) will certainly make you feel a little naughty…in a good way. While these colors tend to be safer than Chanel’s, they’re still very wearable and classic. Expect shimmery pinks and neutrals and bolder brights like wine and cherry.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Nail Polish, $25
Dolce & Gabbana’s nail polish collection instantly impressed fans with a great range of fun colors. They’re not safe or predictable — in fact, you might even be a little surprised to find nail colors like Stromboli, a dark green with gold glitter, next to more basic pale pinks like Rose Petal. But even neutrals are done with flair by this designer brand. You can see this in shades like Lilac, a soft lavender with a dose of shimmery pearl to make it just a little bit more exciting.

4. Dior Nail Polish, $24
Dior’s high-shine polishes run the gamut from shimmery apricot to deep jade green. Many devotees also find that they last without chipping for a full week. If you like brights, you’ll definitely find a favorite in this collection.

5. YSL Nail Polish, $25
Yves Saint Laurent’s La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer is very similar to its color cosmetics line. If you’ve seen the shades YSL uses in its makeup, from the eyeliners and eye shadows to the blushes and lipsticks, then these nail shades will look pretty familiar to you. Dusty greens like Jade Imperial and Vert D’Orient appeal to the younger fans, while classics like Fuchshia Intemporel are the go-to pedi shades of older YSL lovers who’ve been using the brand’s products for years.

6. Guerlain Nail Polish, $25
This French cosmetic and fragrance house has some under-the-radar polish shades that are worthy of more attention. If you like shimmery and pearled nail polishes, this brand will become a favorite in the luxury set. Pearly pink Gemma is the ultimate feminine bubblegum pink, and La Petite Robe Noir is a shimmery bronzed nude that adds a little sparkle to an otherwise flesh-toned manicure or pedicure.

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That is expensive polish, but if it lasts I guess?

Has anyone tried any of these? I would like to know which is best!

Sometimes “the best” is no better than the cheaper version, but I’d love to know if these actually ARE better!


I’d love to know which one of these was your favorite!


HA! Leave it to Tom Ford for creating the most expensive nail polish on this list!

YSL polishes are amazing but I have a really hard time paying that much for polish.


I love Chanel nail polishes, but they’re so expensive.

I have tried Dior and frankly he really is not any better than Opi.


I’m a total nail varnish freak. Seriously have so many designer ones too as they look amazes in the bathroom. But anyway, a pro make up artist who does up people for fashion mag shoots told me seriously that the cheaper brands are much better and don’t chip as much.


Wow, I would love to try the Chanel or YSL polishes, they look great!

Janelle thanks for the reviews about some uncovered nail polish brands, I am a huge fan of Dior Nail Polish.

I do like the textured black in the photo. Black is my favorite polish but the added texture makes it a little less harsh

I would rather get my nails done professionally.


I’m totally down with anything that has glitter / sparkles!

WOW Tom Ford’s polish is steep priced but I hear it is fantastic.

$25 for a bottle of nail polish seems pretty steep.


Wish I could splurge on a high quality one, the silver Chanel looks amazing.


Pamela, the silver Chanel does look nice. Someone can buy it for me if they want!


I would never in a million years spend over 10 on a nail polish.


I have tried some high end nail polishes and quite a few a better. They look nicer and chip less but when it comes down to it not good enough for double the cost.


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