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Winter Woes Wonders

At that first sign of cold, my skin begins to flake and crack. I know it is the holidays when my skin revolts and moisture goes into hiding.

Battle the biting chill with some moisture packed wonders. Atopalm, a classic vitamin and antioxidant packed moisturizer brand, has joined the BB Cream movement.

Their creation offers a three-in-one product catering to the normal to dry and sensitive skin types. The beauty balm is rich with arbutin and vitamin E which are two antioxidants that help to neutralize age-accelerating free radicals.

For all over daily use, try Cetaphil. My dermatologist swears by the stuff! I broke down and strayed from all those body butters and fancy offerings that require a down payment and bought this cheapie. The fragrance and preservative free dream is a savior for my skin.

The salve originally intended for my favorite milk giving mammal, the cow, has become a go-to miracle worker. Bag Balm will fix everything from squeaky bed springs to psoriasis. The creation rivals the power of Vaseline and can even ease diaper rash.

The balm has even seen heavy action in WWII, The War on Terror and protected the paws of cadaver-sniffing dogs helping out at Ground Zero after 9/11. It has been around since 1899 and it is still a staple today.

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