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Would You Wear (50 Shades Of) Grey Lipstick?

Okay.  I admit it.  Back in the Goth-y 90′s I wore a strange shade of grey lipstick along with my black velvet clothing, which was my daily uniform of darkness.  (And apparently, we’re spelling it GREY rather than GRAY these days.)  The lipstick was by MAC, but I’ll be darned if I can remember what it was called.  Maybe it’s name was “Scary Mom”?  I think that was it. Combine that look with Nine Inch Nails blasting from my rumbling Mustang GT in the elementary school parking lot, and I’m pretty sure that Scary Mom applied.

But I digress.


Shades of Grey Lipstick by MAC and Estee Lauder, Available at Nordstrom


“Neil Young, a senior makeup artist for MAC, ventured a guess as to why the color might be so popular these days: “MAC consumers love the idea of a shade being exclusive. We had ‘Pink Friday’ in 2010, then ‘Black Friday’ in 2011, and this year it was ‘Grey Friday’. The grey shade is a fashion statement in itself,” Young added.

Grey Friday!

“Grey is definitely a statement lip color and should only ever be worn alone with minimal makeup everywhere else. Wearing such a militant color is more about confidence, so if you have plenty of it, wear it with pride!”

You know what?  I still think grey lipstick is awesome.  On OTHER PEOPLE.

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Oh my goodness how did i miss this trend! I would SO wear grey lips


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